March 02, 2010 - Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator - by Raizlabs

This is what happens when you are crazy busy. In my case I allowed my work to interfere with my fun time. Who in their right mind would do that now? Ok....maybe anyone that can work should do that first.
I am going to take a look at this great app. This app is available in a couple different languages for your enjoyment: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish. It is rated 4+ and is pretty small in size only 0.8 MB.
I really do not remember paying $0.99 for it but, probably they realized that there is a market for this app.
When you open this app you get the main screen that allows you to enter the Bill Total. Then you tap on the row below that and you can select your Service Tip. You have a scale from 0 (hopefully included) to 30% which is the best. Then next line if you wish you can split it up to 30 people.
See the problem with these kind of apps is that they make you extremely lazy. The thing is, that once in a while its great to exercise your brain at least in calculating tips. It's not that difficult trust me.
Again I do not know if I paid for this app but i think I got it through the Bargain Bin app...maybe, but I doubt I would've paid anything. It is a good app, I like it and it did the job for me. If you pay and you don't like it don't blame me. Your free will that made you choose it.

Below you can find some screen shots of the app:

Entry Screen


Split check in between a number of different people

Choose a tip amount

User's corner

No adjustment for tax
by Saki MCZ
1 STAR - review
Ok looks good. I bought it based on reviews. I much rathe prefer and use the free Check Please. I downloaded the free Check Please calculator which automatically adjusts for tax when you enter the total. In addition on one screen you can adjust for tip, number of people, round or not round options. Here you have to go to multiple screens, and iphone settings menue to make this adjusment. Just waste of money. PLEASE download the free Check Please

Handy Application
by Canine Cohort
5 STAR - review
This is a handy application and well worth the money!

Beautifully done. I've had 3 tip calculators this is the fastest.
by JaySauce

5 STAR - review
Beautifully done. I've had 3 tip calculators this is the fastest.

Tip Calculator - by Raizlabs Official Description - Read it cautiously they might be biast......


Tip Calculator is the best tip app to calculate a tip or split a bill. Pay the right amount every single time and have fun doing it. Impress your friends with the best iPhone tip calculator around.

- Top 100 Overall US - January 2009
- #1 Finance App US - March 2009
- 100,000 Users - Sept 2009

- One of a kind adjustment screen
- Large number pad
- Split the bill between diners
- Attractive design
- Support for international currencies
- Rounding options
- Tax on tip options
- Satisfaction guaranteed

Did you know:
The adjustment screen is unique to our app. It allows you to split the bill any way you want. This is a unique feature. You won't find this feature in tipulator, itip or any other tip calculator!

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Satisfaction guaranteed.

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