February 25, 2010 - Tragic 13 Ball - No Magic Here

Tragic 13 Ball - No Magic Here

Ok so today I decided to go light on you guys. This app is a great time waster. If you value entertainment then you will find lots here. You just ask a question, shake your iPhone and be surprised at the response that you will get. They might seem relevant to you in which case, there might be other apps that I will discuss later that could help you out.
This app is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later. It is rated 12+ for the following:
* Frequent/Intense Profanity or Crude Humor
* Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
It looks like this app costs $0.99 I think I got mine for free. I do not see myself paying $0.99 for an app like this but I am sure that it won't break your bank. If it does it might be time for a career change. Just offering some unsolicited advice.
All in all its a fun app, you can have some fun with it.
Enjoy and have a great one!

Below you can find some screenshots of the app:

Startup Screen

Sample Answer

Sample Answer

User's corner

Great idea :) Endless fun.
by Jenobeeno
5 STAR - review
I love this app, can spend hours on it. It's addictive. My boss saw me play wirh it and then he downloaded it himself lol hellzz yeH!

Why so serious? LOL!
by Cachambruda
5 STAR - review
The best just got better!

Magic 8 Ball updated!
by AuntPizzaHead

5 STAR - review
Lots of fun especially if you loved Magic 8 Ball as a kid!

Tragic 13 Ball - No Magic Here Official Description - Read it cautiously they might be biast......


Are you a chronic self deceiver?
Have your parents been lying to you all along?
Is your narcissism at unprecedented levels?*

Then let the Tragic 13 Ball app help you sort through the web of deceit that has for too long shaped your self image. Get real answers to all of your questions.

- Over 35 highly appropriate responses
- Shake device for random responses
- Sounds and animation

So what are you waiting for? Download the Tragic 13 Ball app now to get brutally honest answers to all of your self absorbed yes or no questions.

*Your case might be beyond hope.

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