Why Plescuta.com

This website is a personal website with a twist , but its name is dedicated to a very dear village to me in Romania and you guessed it, it's name is Plescuta. You can find Plescuta in Arad county on the road from Arad to Brad (two cities, first one where i was born, second one ... wasn't born there). Right by the village of Plescuta, the river Crisu Alb runns majestically through.

As you near the entrance in Plescuta you can find a crucifix dating 1727.

Plescuta is surrounded by hills (i.e. Varatec, Plesului, Gornului), which give this area a magnific scenic view. It is also located at the confluence of two creeks: Valea Concii and Valea Lunga.

In 1784 there was a hudge revolt and you can still find some buildings of the old castle that belonged to the land owner.
Before 1848 the wives and girls of the peasants would be obliged to go to the land owner where they had to sow for him. It was one of the most honorable ways of feudal rent.

Right by Plescuta villages of Gura Vaii, Talagiu and Aciuta, have great resources of andezit. A great majority of the population there used to work for the stone quarries that spread all the way to Halmagiu.

Not only is this village full of history it provides a great way to escape from the busy urban lifestyle.

More information about Arad county can be found at:
Wikipedia: Arad County

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