February 18, 2010 - Bargain Bin

Bargain Bin

I heard about this app a while ago and was pleasantly surprised. The idea is great, you do want to save as much money as possible, not that I really do that all the time.
The app has a Watch List as well as a Popular section and also you can sort apps by category. Within a category you have three tabs, an All tab, a Bargain tab and a Free tab. When you tap on an app, you have four options, Watch which adds the app to the watch list to monitor it, an App Store option that opens iTunes, a Description options that obviously does what you would think it would do and last a Screenshots option.

Do not worry you will not buy the actual app through Bargain Bin, but you will have to go directly to iTunes store to purchase/download the app.

Something that this app does not have is a search feature, but that's what you get when you search for bargains, you have to do some work or you won't appreciate it. See by scrolling through the apps, you might find something you never thought you would care about, and it might change your life forever...ahm ok maybe not...or maybe yes. Do you know? I most definitely don't.

I do think that it is good to add some comments made by other users. It seems that they are all pleased, I mean what can you complain about, if you have an app that gives you bargains. I mean even if you don't need that free app you can download it anyhow. You have the power to do so.

User's corner

Fantastic Application!
by MacCheetah

It has only been a few hours since I originally downloaded it but I constantly find myself coming back to the application to check for more deals. Great job.
Truly a gem

by giftedlabs
This is an amazing app. With BargainBin, I was able to find some great deals on apps I would have never otherwise bought. It also has a "free" tab to categorize apps that JUST turned free. I spent so much money over the last few months on junk apps that clutter the app store that I wish I had this before. To top it off, this app is free to download. Try it out, you can tell a lot of thought and creativity went into this piece of software.
piece of gold

by saturnandvineboy
okay. where have you been hiding this piece of gold? i haven't had it ten minutes and i've found three apps i've been waiting to come down in price. and all three are free now. i'll be back to write much more. couldn't wait to write something. i could be wrong but so far this something i didn't know exisited. is there something else out there like this? i don't know.

Bargain Bin Official Description - Read it cautiously they might be biast......


**Update: New version fixes "no items" bug & based on your feedback we have changed it so that tapping on an app will not take you to the App Store.

** The only app which pushes app price drops directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can setup custom watch lists so you can get notified if the app you care about goes on sale. Even set the price you are waiting for!


Are you tired of paying full price for an app and seeing it half price or even FREE the next day?

App prices change and limited time sales are happening around the clock. With BargainBin, you'll never overpay for an app again.

BargainBin constantly watches the App Store to inform you as soon as an item goes on sale. New items are falling into the BargainBin continually, so check back often to make sure you never miss a deal. And don't worry, we won't clutter your BargainBin with old deals that are no longer valid.

BargainBin Features:

•Sale prices updated as they happen
•Set your "watch list" to be informed about price drops for apps you care about
•Get push notifications when price drops happen
•Setup subscriptions for your favorite type of apps so you never miss a deal again
•Price tags that indicate when apps are: Free or Bargains (50% off or greater)
•Filters that allow you to see Free Apps only, Bargain Apps only, or All apps on sale
•Browsing by a specific category or all Bargains
•Browse only popular apps that have gone on sale
•Viewing screenshots of the application quickly, without having to go to the app store
•Viewing application descriptions quickly, without having to go to the app store

Of course classic apps like Facebook, Pandora, Google, & Shazam are free, but lots of hidden gems can only be found for cheap for a very limited time. Get BargainBin now and start saving money. Don't go poor because of the App Store.

A much simpler, easier to use and more powerful app than AppSniper and Pandorbox...