February 24, 2010 - Rebtel


A great top of the morning to you all. I heard about today's app from a friend. It used to be available through their website only but they also released this iPhone app.
How does this Rebtel system work? Well you create an account, provide your payment options and based on your location it will give you a local number. You have to log in having your telephone number as credential. Every time you add a long distance contact, Rebtel will provide you with a local number that you can call. That number actually forwards to your contact's real phone number. You have to be careful because if you use it, you can incur charges from your cell phone provider. I used it so to say a bit more recklessly one month and i ran over my minutes. But if you are careful or if you have unlimited minutes you should be just fine.
With the new Rebtel app, you can import contacts, add contacts, place calls, get rates for your call and other awesomely great features. Even in the contacts area of the app, you can see what the rate is. You can recharge your account manually or let it replenish itself once the funds run out.
If you need to call long distance you can use this app with confidence. Downloading it is free.
This app is compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 or later, and is rated 4+.

Below you can find some screenshots of the app:

Contacts Screen

Dial screen. You don't have to use this feature to place a call

Texting (SMS) feature

Settings Screen

User's corner

by Elmoyomx
5 STAR - review
Amo rebtel

by TT4L
5 STAR - review
The best just got better!

Crystal clear sound, best rates!
by RealGis

5 STAR - review
I've been using Rebtel for one year, constant high quality service and unbeatable rates. Brought so many friends to rebtel, and they still thank me. Now on the iPhone, even better!

Rebtel Official Description - Read it cautiously they might be biast......

Rebtel makes international calls to friends and family simple and super cheap. Call to anywhere in the world with great voice quality for savings of up to 90% using nothing but the Rebtel app on your iPhone. You pay only for the time you talk—no contracts, no hidden fees.

Simply pick a contact from your address book and Rebtel gives you a local number to call for a fraction of your international rate. The local number is saved to your address book so that you can use it anytime, anywhere. No need for WiFi coverage or internet access.

Rebtel for the iPhone is free to download and easy to use. Reduce the cost of your international calls and SMS messages by up to 90% today!


“rebtel is great for international calls & roaming! saved me a fortune already.”—nealz80 on Twitter

“Another month, another small phone bill. Thanks @rebtel.”—thomaskupracz on Twitter

“awesome service for cheap international calls on mobile - www.rebtel.com. I tried 'em all, this one is the best.”—markorgan on Twitter

* Cheap international calling
* Cheap SMS messages
* No WiFi needed
* See available call time for all your buddies
* Check Rebtel rates to other countries
* Check your call and credit history
* Share Rebtel with your buddies and earn free call credit

Please note that importing and editing contacts is not supported for iPhones with ActiveSync turned on (including Google Sync). The Rebtel application uses custom phone number labels, which is not supported by ActiveSync. For a complete experience, please turn off ActiveSync for contacts and synchronize your address book through iTunes instead.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to send SMS messages to some countries, including the United States. For a complete list, please visit rebtel.com/pending