Web Development

This Website contains Web development links, Ideas, Techniques. I hope you find this very useful. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me

1) Digg / Technology

Digg - Technology SectionDigg is a website that helped me in manny issues and it has some usefull links.

Other social-bookmarking sites that will help you stay sharp and current, and that should be mentioned here are: reddit, del.iciou.us, StumbleUpon , and popurls.

2) Meyerweb.com: Eric's Writing

Meyerweb.com - logoThe author is an expert in CSS development. A lot to draw from.

3) Getting Real by 37 Signals

Getting Real by 37 SignalsGetting Real” is an online book, written by 37 Signals. Getting Real discusses creating web-based applications.

4) SitePoint

SitePoint - logoAn old website with new web development content.

5) css Zen Garden

Css Zen Garden - logoCSS Zen Garden This is a great CSS helping tool.

6) Mootools

mootools logoMootools provides a framework with JavaScript classes.

7) ReadWriteWeb

Read Write Web logoReadWriteWeb is a weblog and webtechnology website. Another website of interest in this category would be: Web 2.0 Workgroup - blogs that cover the Web 2.0.

8) Drupal

drupal.org - logoDrupal is a webpage framework that I use and am very happy with. There are other Drupal like sites such as: Oscommerce, Zen Cart and Moodle Wordpress, Magento, and Joomla!.

9) Web Design from Scratch

Web Design From Scratch logoWeb Design from Scratch is guide to designing web sites.

10) The Web Standards Project

Web Standards Project - logoThe Web Standards Project This site is a great website to find more about standards

11) W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

W3 Schools logoThis is one of the most known online learning sites and I am sure that most of you are familiar with it.

12) Books.com - ITPro Collection

Books 24×7 - logoThe ITPro Collection at Books.com conatins online IT books. A subscription to this site would actually be more useful in the longrun.

13) Zend Developer Zone

Zend Developer Zone logoThis is a great php tool. Myself I use Zend Studio when developing in php and this website is a great help

14) A List Apart

A List Apart: A List Apart logoA List Apart handles semantic code and web-standards. >

15) 456 Berea Street

456 Berea St logo456 Berea Street In this site you will find XHTML, CSS and web development news.

16) CSSplay: Experiments with Cascading Style Sheets

CSS play logoAnother good site that contains CSS resources.

17) Fifty Four Eleven

fiftyfoureleven.com - logoThis website is great for web development from the inception of the project to the final product

18) Webmonkey: The Web Developer’s Resource

Web Monkey - icon logoThis website was and is a place to visit and learn about web development, covering topics such as web programming, E-business, and page design.

19) Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability

Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen’s Newsletter on Web UsabilityAlertbox is Jakob Nielsen’s bi-weekly column that discusses web usability.